MOST RECENT  ‘Crossing the Water’

Fabulous reviews from experts, media and and the public….

CTW final cover

Professor Alan Carr, University College Dublin:  “A coming of age novel with a difference… what makes this an exceptionally memorable novel is his empathy for his characters and his thoughtful storytelling … a masterpiece.”

Anita Atkinson, Editor, The Weardale Gazette:  “The advertising blurb cannot do it justice. This is the most gripping and memorable story I have read…I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.”

 Chris Lloyd, the Northern Echo:  “…weaves a dramatic story from his wife’s family, about the strange secrets of life during the Irish troubles, with other exciting tales from the second world war era…”

 John Foster, BBC Radio Tees:  “…an amazing book… a fascinating story”

Elizabeth Taylor, Librarian: “Describes the journey of two Irish lads from the trouble torn Ireland of the 1920s to the end of the Second World War; plus, the decisions they must make in loyalty and love. A great read for book groups.” 



New release: “The Cardinal’s Hat”


Across Europe, hate preachers are recruiting for Holy War… though they will end up killing those of their own faith and destroying a great civilisation. The resulting chaos will make a humble Anatolian fisherman rich beyond his wildest dreams when he smuggles refugees away from the conflict. Sounds familiar? Think again: the year is 1200 and the fourth crusade is about to depart…

Basil of Makri seems to be a very lucky man. Not only has he survived several hellish scenarios (fire, war and pirates) but he is also gifted with longevity and fabulous wealth. Yet he has also lost many of his nearest and dearest, and what remains of his family have locked him in a cellar. Now, out of the darkness, charismatic ghosts from his colourful life are springing back to life, revealing his secrets.

A copy of the print version signed by the author, with free postage in the UK, can be ordered through the contact details on this site.

If you prefer to use Amazon a print version can be ordered here

or a kindle version here


child and familyass


His best known psychology book is ‘Child and Family Assessment: Clinical Guidelines for Practitioners’ which was published in 2003 but is still used as a standard text and available today.

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It had several great reviews eg:

Helen Beinart, Oxford University: “I see this book as a core text for professional training courses and newly qualified practitioners who work with children and families.  It will be of particular use to Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Child Psychiatrists and Child and Adolescent Mental Health workers.”

Journal of Adolescence:  “The author should be commended for limiting his use of the complex jargon typically found in such texts.  This book will be a useful resource for both trainees and clinicians offering client-sensitive, clear guidelines for assessment. The book is easy to read through extensive use of tables, bullet points and summaries and I would recommend this book for students of psychology, social work and medicine”

British Journal of Psychiatry:  “Few texts, however, describe so clearly how to set out a therapeutic strategy which is user-friendly ­for the child, the family and the practitioner…  The book would be a useful addition to multi­-disciplinary departmental libraries and a good focus for multi-agency discussion on  this important area of clinical work.”

The Psychologist: “This book offers both a practical approach and decisively moves forward our thinking towards a richer conception of assessment and intervention that must be of benefit to both practitioners and the children and families they serve.”

His first book ‘Family Assessment’ was published in the USA by Gardner Press in 1993.




This book was an earlier version of child and family assessment, though it is quite rare and thus has some novelty value!




Ian also had over twenty articles published in international and UK journals such as ‘The Journal of Family Therapy’, ‘The British Journal of Psychiatry’, and ‘Young Minds’.


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