The big fella and the little fella!

Readers of the Holly Bough (2015 Christmas edition published by the Cork evening echo) in Ireland will have read this article – and may be curious about the book ‘Crossing the Water’ – I hope so! Those who missed it can see it on this dropbox link (Click on the link to see it and then click on the image so that you can magnify it for easy reading.)

You can find out a bit more about this book using the menu by clicking on ‘Ian’s books’ in the top menu on this page or clicking on this link

If you want to order the book, it is available to order from Waterstones branches in the UK using these details: ‘Crossing the Water’ by Ian Wilkinson ISBN 978-0-9928485-0-7 … that should work in Ireland too, but you will have to ask them to order it in. If you have a problem getting hold of it please email me.

It can also be ordered from Amazon either as a printed book or as a kindle e-book (these have a different ISBN but its the same book) and you can inspect the amazon pages by clicking on the one you are interested in.

I do occasionally run special offers on the kindle version so watch this space over the Christmas period if you’re interested…


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