Storyline: Basil of Makri seems to be a very lucky man. Not only has he survived several hellish scenarios (fire, war and pirates) but he is also gifted with fabulous wealth and longevity. Yet most of those he loved did not survive, and what remains of his family have locked him in a cellar. Now, out of the darkness, charismatic ghosts are springing to life, revealing his secrets. Deliciously dark comedy blends with tragedy on an epic scale…

Themes: Two very different men journey to the limits of good and evil: love and loyalty versus  revenge and betrayal; religious fervour and duty versus common humanity. Both must make horrific choices, endure the earthly consequences, and contemplate the effects upon their soul…

Context: Across Europe, preachers are recruiting for Holy War, though they will end up murdering those of their own faith and destroying a great civilisation. The resulting chaos will make a humble Anatolian fisherman rich beyond his wildest dreams when he smuggles refugees away from the conflict. Sounds familiar? Think again: the year is 1200 and the fourth crusade is about to depart…


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